About Us

Paul Williams, SEO Consultant

Who am I?

Paul Williams is an SEO consultant with over 10 years of experience providing search engine optimization services to companies ranging from small businesses to large enterprise websites. He holds a master’s of science in nonprofit administration and a master’s degree in legal studies in addition to training in online marketing and web development. Paul has taught classes in digital marketing (such as Google analytics, search engine optimization, social media, and branding) at a community college. He enjoys working with people who are passionate about what they want to achieve and who they are.

His professional background includes legal training, and this may be of benefit to firms involved in the practice of real estate law or immigration law in Canada. Paul has provided marketing consulting services to business in the travel and hotel industry, and he has taught online marketing at a community college. He teaches kung fu for, fitness and health privately on weekends!

Why us?

I’m passionate about all things search engine related. I can explain things to you simply and plainly so you know what’s happening. Importantly, I have the experience to advise your business on other ways to expand your marketing programs. I can also help you to build a business website. I am also able to work with your existing IT department to complete projects on time.

What does it take to be number 1 in Google?

To be the best anything you need to be good at what your doing. High performance have great diets, bodies that don’t injure under stress, and they take a uniquely positive approach to the game. To compete online, your website needs to have these qualities as well.

I remember as a young man, I like to run track and field. But, there was this one kid that no matter how hard I worked, I just could not beat him. He was simply better! To improve performance online, SEO makes incremental adjustments to your website based on the data that is available on top performing websites in your industry.